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5 responses to “Information

  1. Can you tell me what zoning c1-a is?

  2. I am seriously inquiring as to where in Florida a tiny house (350 – 400 sq. ft.) might be permitted as the sole dwelling. I very much want to buy a piece of rural land and build such a home for myself. Please help me find out if/where there may be the appropriate zoning. I have been researching how to own my own land to build on (as opposed to renting or living in an RV park), and my search has landed me here. I am talking about building a very nice, custom home. Ideally, I would like it to be a stationary home. Again, please advise and I most sincerely thank you for your time.
    Stacy Bacon

  3. Ryan Espinoza

    Hi I was wondering what the process of obtaining an exception from the state of Florida would be in order to park heavy equipment such as semis on my a-2 property would be. Thank you so much

  4. I refer to this blog on occasion and send my students to read parts of it.

    Could you please let me know the suggested way to credit this information in association to written documents that make reference to the content and ideas expressed here.

    Thank you very much for publishing this kind of educational information.
    B a+

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